Yemek Nedir? - Tek Mesaj #21

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21 Mart 2016       Mesaj #21
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yemek ingilizcesi

1. /ý/ to eat.
2. /ý/ to spend (money); to spend (money) recklessly.
3. /ý/ to corrode, eat. 4. /ý/ (for an insect) to bite, eat (someone) up; (for an insect) to eat (something).
5. /ý/ to require, use up, consume: Bu soba çok odun yiyor. It takes a lot of wood to keep this stove going.
6. /ý/ slang to milk someone for (his money), bleed someone for (his money).
7. /ý/slang to make mincemeat of (someone).
8. /ý/ slang to kill, do (someone) in. 9. /ý/ slang to lay, have sex with.
10. /dan/ slang to get laid by.
11. /ý/ slang to kiss/lick/suck (someone).
12. /ý/ slang to get (a fine, a jail sentence). yemez slang person who can´t be tricked, fox.

yiyip bitirmek /ý/
1. to eat up every bit of (a food).
2. to spend or spend recklessly every bit of (a sum of money).
3. to use up every bit of (something).
4. to drive (someone) to distraction, drive (someone) crazy.
5. to drain, wear (someone) down, take a lot out of (someone).
6. to milk someone for (his money), bleed someone for (his money).

Yeme de yanýnda yat! slang
1. It´s a food which isn´t just good; it´s finger-licking good!
2. She´s not just beautiful; she´s a knockout! yemeden içmeden (divulging something confidential) without losing any time. yemeden içmeden kesilmek to have no appetite, be off one´s food. Ye kürküm ye! colloq. He wouldn´t have given me the time of day if I hadn´t been dressed well./She wouldn´t have so much as looked at me if I hadn´t been wearing this uniform. Yediði naneye bak! colloq. Look at how he´s put his foot into it this time! Yemeyenin malýný yerler (demine hu çekerler) (üstüne bir bardak su içerler). proverb Don´t be miserly and deny yourself things you can afford, for you can rest assured that what you save up but don´t spend will be spent freely and enjoyed to the hilt by whoever gets it after you´ve died. "
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