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LIT format
Sponsorlu Bağlantılar


PDB format


PRC Format
Propritery Books that can read on PC as well as PDAs /Mobiles etc and PC

Reader can be downloaded from


for PDA visit


DJVU Files..can be vied in Browser using the following Plugins


All in One Reading Tools


Does not Require any Info. Famous Portable Document Format by Adobe


Cool Reader
Reader Programları

Have not much info..but downloaded it ... and used it ..opens Docs,HTML [email protected] files.. After Downloading you will have to change the interface language to English..from Russian


ICE Book Reader Professional 7.6 Retail
What is ICE Book Reader Professional ?

New! Now ICE Book Reader Professional is not only the ultimate book reader,
but the powerful database, allowing operating thousand books!!!

ICE Book Reader Professional is the ultimate e-book reader. It is also possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as a teleprompter. ICE Book Reader Professional is the first alternative e-book reader which includes native support for .LIT and .CHM files, and which does not utilize any Mcft Reader or Mcft HELP components. Also is possible to use ICE Book Reader Professional as file converter: TXT-HTML, HTML-TXT, TXT-DOC, DOC-TXT, PDB-TXT, LIT-TXT, FB2-TXT etc. with codepage conversion.

ICE Book Reader Professional is not only book reader. It's the powerful book database:
ICE Book Reader Professional allows to store books and to operate the information on them (up to 250000 books).
ICE Book Reader Professional allow ordering automatically a book collection. Just add some thousands unsorted books in ICE Book Reader Professional library for making completely ordered book collection with the minimal efforts.
ICE Book Reader Professional library is unique, because it stores all books as separate files. You can freely copy, delete or rename book files. But anyway ICE Book Reader Professional guarantees database integrity.
ICE Book Reader Professional uses the heterogeneous, distributed, failure safety database. It guarantees integrity of the data, even in case of physical damage of any amount of the data. Any other database in the world cannot do it.
Not need to tell what ICE Book Reader Professional database engine outperforms any classical database. Just try...

ICE Book Reader Professional was specifically designed to make the reading experience of large text files (electronic books) most convenient and effective. Why is this important ? Reading HTML (text, program documentation, e-mail etc.) is different from reading books. Reading books demands more time and effort, and there is greater strain on the eyes. Besides, book-reading usually occurs continuously, unlike the reading of HTML text where reading and rest constantly alternate.

It means, therefore, that more comfortable conditions have to be created for reading books. Otherwise, the reader's eyes will quickly get tired and the risk of sight deterioration will increase. The main aim of ICE Book Reader Professional is to prevent the possibility of sight deterioration due to extended reading.

pass rar

Comic books Reader


Book Reader
Renders .TXT, .RTF, .HTML, .PML, .PDB and .PRC (Non-Secure), files book-like.
Extracts text out of .PDF (Non-Secure) files.
Displays PRC, RTF and HTML images, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .WMF (in RTF) or .BMP.
Opens text inside .ZIP, .CHM and .RB files, uncompressing paragraphs on the fly, limiting the amount of memory required (except CHM).

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Available for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC, Psion, Smartphone, TomeRaider is the world's most successful and powerful cross-platform reference and e-book reader.

TomeRaider 3 is the newest incarnation. A Total rewrite that has been 2 years in the making. Check out these amazing new features:

HTML Support: TR3 now supports pretty much HTML verbatim, making it even easier to make TR3 files.

Image support: Now images from the small to the massive can be displayed in TR3 files. Its about time.

The Filter Builder: Never before possible filters and queries can now be constructed by anyone.

Search Acceleration: Searching even tens of megabytes is now faster than you thought was possible.

Super Compression: TR2 was good, TR3 is even better. The files are smaller and they work faster.

TomeRaider is available for Windows , Palm OS, Pocket PC, Psion, Symbian, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Over 3,000 TomeRaider files are freely available, ranging from novels to encyclopaedia, dictionaries and religious texts.

TomeRaider is state of the art technology bringing unparalleled speed , power and functionality to any of the supported devices.


RepliGo Viewer for Windows provides an easy way to view and mark up your RepliGo documents right on your Windows PC. This adds another level of functionality when adopting the RepliGo file format.

All the new features* of RepliGo 2.0 are included in the Viewer for Windows including; text searching, bookmarks, comments, highlighting, copy to clipboard, 24-bit images, live hyperlinks, categories, and more.
win large


Ebook Reader

eReader is an award-winning application used to read eBooks (or files with the extension .pdb) on your Windows computer and/or laptop. Our eReader software allows you to read books on all of your Windows computers, add bookmarks, navigate your eBooks easily, and search for words in your book. Here at, we've worked hard to ensure that reading eBooks is a pleasure!
There is no charge to download and use our free eReader software. However, there is a feature-enhanced eReader Pro (which includes several free books such as Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary) for $9.95. In addition to all of the standard features of eReader and free eBooks, eReader Pro also allows customers:
To use reference books to enhance their reading experience. For example, while reading your book you can select any word and easily look it up using your included Merriam-Webster's Pocket Dictionary.
Customize and even create color themes to their liking.
Adjust several display features to personalize your eReader such as justification of text and line spacing.
Take advantage of Autoscroll viewing features to enhance readability.

If you would like to learn more about the eReader Pro for Windows value bundle, click here.
If you want to purchase the eReader Pro for Windows value bundle, click the "Add to Cart" button below.
ss windows layout
ss windows navigate


BookDesigner v.4
bd promo 1


reads LIT (Microsoft Reader) files and converts to PDF (doesn't require Adobe Acrobat to be installed),
HTML, RTF (MS Word doesn't need to be installed),
CHM, HLP, TXT (ANSI and Unicode),
DOC (Word 6.0/95/97-2003),
WRI (Windows Write 3.0/3.1), WPD (WordPerfect 5.0/5.1 for DOS/5.x for Win/5.1-5.2 secondary, 5.0 secondary, WordPerfect 4.1/4.2), MCW (Word for Macintosh 4.0-5.1),
WPS (Works 4.0 for Windows,
Works 2000, Works for Windows 3.0),
DOC (Word 2.x for Windows, Word 3.x-5.x for MS-DOS, Word 6.0 for MS-DOS),
SAM (Ami Pro 3.0), WSD (WordStar 4.0/7.0), RFT (IBM's RFT-DCA), Clipboard
supports batch conversion
command line support
easy to use and easy to set up
multiple language support
supports multiple charsets
easy to use and easy to set up
supports advanced PDF export options
supports multiple HLP and CHM export options
and more!

License : FREE


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