Chris Classic - Here We Go

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Chris Classic - Here We Go
I been more than ready
Preppin heavy
Sponsorlu Bağlantılar
For this day to come

Bet that if you let me
Keep it steady
You gon know who won

I dont take it easy
Nothin easy 'cept for givin up
I dont do no waitin
'Cept these weights that I been liftin up

Got No fear in my body
No i dont need nobody
I know everything that got me
And so now nothing can stop me

I just grind and work
Yeah yeah you know the motto
You know we goin hard cause we might nevr see tomorrow

I keep my eye on the fakes and got real from it
Mastered patience and free will from it
Thats the real motivation some people kill for it
I keep reachin for greatness because im built from it

Here We Go
Give it a 100 never nothin less
Here We Go
We comin You already know the rest
Here We Go
We never settle cause we know it best
Who wanna test?
Leave you outta

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