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"While" ve "When" içeren cümle örnekleri verir misiniz?

28 Kasım 2010 22:42       Mesaj #31
bilgin0027 - avatarı
What is the difference between when and while?
Both when and while can be used to talk about actions or situations that take place at the same time.

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Swan identifies the following differences:

1 Backgrounds

We can use both words to introduce a longer 'background' action or situation, which is/was going on when something else happens/happened.
Somebody broke into the house when they were playing cards.
While they were playing cards, somebody broke into the house.
Note that when and while clauses can go at the beginning or end of sentences.

2 Simultaneous long actions

We usually use while to say that two longer actions or situations go / went on at the same time.
While you were reading the paper, I was working.
If we are talking about ages and periods of life, we use when:
When I was a child we lived in London (NOT While I was a child …)
His parents died when he was twelve (NOT … while he was twelve)

3 Simultaneous short actions

We can use (just) when to say that two short actions or events happen / happened at the same time:
I thought of it (just) when you opened your mouth.
While is not possible in this situation.

4 Reduced clauses

It is often possible to leave out subject + be after when and while:
While/When in Germany, he got to know a family of musicians. (=While/When he was in Germany …)
Practical English Usage, Michael Swan, OUP, pp. 73-74

While vs whilst

There is no difference in meaning between these two words. In British English whilst is considered to be a more formal and literary word than while. The different spellings that exist today have their origins in changes to the words in Middle English and later.

See World Wide Words: While versus whilst for an explanation.

For a quiz about when and while see the following website:

Learning English | BBC World Service

For many examples of the use of when and while, see the Web Concordancer:


30 Kasım 2010 20:05       Mesaj #32
Misafir - avatarı
arkadaşlar acil when we while ile ilgili kelime lütfen
30 Kasım 2010 20:56       Mesaj #33
pesimist - avatarı
She was sleeping when I came.
(Ben geldiğimde o uyuyordu.)

I was studing while she was watching television.
(O televizyon izlerken ben çalışıyordum)

When I arnived at the meeting, everyone was talking about the plan.
(Ben konferansa vardığımda herkes plan hakkında konuşuyordu.)
6 Aralık 2010 01:03       Mesaj #34
Misafir - avatarı
when whıle ile ilgili 0 cümle lütfennnnnnnnnnnnn ama alıntı olmasın nolurrr yaaaa c(: Msn Happy
7 Aralık 2010 18:04       Mesaj #35
Misafir - avatarı
| called my mom while playing ball (ben top oynarken annem çağırdı)
7 Aralık 2010 18:29       Mesaj #36
Misafir - avatarı
she when saw him he song hapily
11 Aralık 2010 16:22       Mesaj #37
Misafir - avatarı

when while ile ilgili cumleler ile ilgili daha fazla bilgi istiyorum

hgfhgfh aynı cümleler olmasın
12 Aralık 2010 13:15       Mesaj #38
Misafir - avatarı
when ve while ile iilgili olumsuz cümler ve soru cümleleri yazar mısınız .....!
12 Aralık 2010 18:28       Mesaj #39
Misafir - avatarı
yha iyi güzelde while pas continuous tense ile çok az nabıcam
12 Aralık 2010 23:09       Mesaj #40
Misafir - avatarı
when my brother went outside.+wa playing the quitar.(erkek kardeşim dışardayken ben gitar çalıyordum)
when phone rang.hewas played footbal.(telefon çalarken o futbol oynuyordu.)
I saw him he was driving a car.( onu araba sürerken gördüm.)
Ayrıca anlamlarıyla birlikte veirn ltfen demiş biri Msn Grin buların anlamını bile bilmiosan ingilizceyle işin ne Msn Grin

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