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1. face (of a person or animal).
2. face (the front, exposed, finished, dressed, or otherwise specially prepared surface of something): kumaþýn yüzü the face of the cloth. daðýn kuzey yüzü the north face of the mountain. binanýn yüzü the building´s façade. paltonun yüzü the outer side of the coat.
3. surface: suyun yüzü the surface of the water.
4. cloth which encloses the stuffing of a cushion or pillow, case; mattress ticking; cloth used to cover a chair or sofa, upholstery, upholstering.
5. sense of shame, shame: Sende hiç yüz yok mu? Have you no shame? Ne yüzle ondan böyle bir þey isteyebilirsin? How can you have the gall to ask her for such a thing?
6. side: ýrmaðýn öte yüzünde on the other side of the river. problemin bu yüzü this aspect of the problem.
7. cutting edge, face (of a knife blade or other sharp tool).
–ü açılmak for (a thing´s) beauty to become evident or apparent, begin to shine forth.
–ünü ağartmak /ın/ to give (someone, oneself) just cause for pride, do something that (someone, one) can take pride in.
–ü ak (someone) who has no cause to be ashamed, who has nothing to be ashamed of.
–ü ak olsun! Bless him! (said to express gratitude).

–ünün akıyla çıkmak /dan/
1. to manage to finish (a job) with one´s honor unsullied.
2. to succeed in doing (a job) as it should be done.

–ünden akmak /ın/ (for something) to be evident from the look on (someone´s) face; (for something) to be evident from the way (someone) looks, be written all over (someone).
–ü asılmak for a sour look or frown to come over (someone´s) face.
–üne atmak /ı/ to return, refuse, or reject (something) insultingly.
–üne bağırmak /ın/ to shout at (someone) angrily and rudely.
–üne bakılır not bad looking, of middling looks.
–üne bakılmaz very ugly (person).

–üne bakmamak /ın/
1. not to pay attention to (someone).
2. not to speak to (someone) (because one is angry with him/her).

–üne bakmaya kıyılmaz very beautiful.
– bulmak to get presumptuous, insolent, or uppity (after having been treated kindly or indulged).
– bulunca/verince astar ister. colloq. If you give him an inch he´ll take a mile.
–ünü buruþturmak to get a sour look on one´s face.
– çevirmek /dan/ to break off relations with, have nothing more to do with (someone).

–e çıkmak
1. to come to the surface.
2. to get presumptuous, insolent, or uppity.

–ünün derisi kalýn thick-skinned and brazen, brazenfaced, shameless.
–ünden düþen bin parça olmak to wear a very sour face.
–ünü ekþitmek to get a sour look on one´s face.
– geri etmek to turn back; to retreat; to retrace one´s steps. (...)
–ü görmek to experience, have: iki yıldır rahat yüzü görmedim. I haven´t had a moment´s peace for two years now. O çocuk hayatýnda dert yüzü görmedi. That kid´s never had a worry in his life.
– göstermek to happen, occur, take place.
– göz (someone´s) whole or entire face.

–ü gözü açılmak
1. to be informed about sex, learn about the birds and the bees, be clued in on what sex is all about.
2. to begin to understand what the world is really like.

–ünü gözünü açmak /ın/
1. to inform (someone) about sex, teach (someone) about the birds and the bees, clue (someone) in on what sex is all about.
2. to cause (someone) to begin to understand what the world is really like.

–üne gözüne bulaştırmak /ı/ to make a complete mess of (something), ball (something) up completely.
– göz olmak /la/ to get to be on overly familiar terms with (someone).
–ünü güldürmek /ın/ to make (someone) happy; to please (someone).
–ü gülmek to be happy; to be pleased.
–üne gülmek /ın/ to smile at (someone) hypocritically, make an essentially false display of friendship towards (someone).
– kalıbı plaster mask of a person´s face.
–ü kalmamak/-e karşı/ not to have the nerve/gall to ask (someone) for something.
–ünden kan damlamak to be very healthy and rosy-cheeked, be in the pink of health.
–üne kan gelmek to recover one´s health and color.
–ü kara (someone) who has something to b
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