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1. father.
2. title applied to a holy man or to a respected elderly man: Ýsmet baba, Hakký baba, Telli baba.
3. the leader of a group of dervishes; the head of a tekke (among the Bektashi dervishes).
4. bollard; bitt.
5. newel-post, newel (large post at the foot or landing of a stairway).
6. king post; crown post; queen post (in the truss of a roof).
7. head (of a walking stick).
8. colloq. mafia chief, mafia boss.
9. slang penis, dick, cock, pecker.

–m colloq.
1. a vocative expression used after an imperative when addressing an intimate friend: Anlat babam, ne oldu? Now tell me what happened man!
2. used before and after an imperative to emphasize that an action was prolonged: Oku babam oku! Read, read, read!

– adam elderly man who is wise and kind.
– bucaðý family home, homeplace.
–larýnýn çiftliði a place which one can exploit at will, one´s private preserve: Orasý babasýnýn çift mi? Is that a place which he can just exploit at will?
– deðil, týrabzan babasý man who is a poor excuse for a father.
– dostu an old friend of one´s father.

– evi
1. home, the place on which one´s familial affections are centered.
2. family home, homeplace.

–sýnýn hayrýna for the sheer love of it, without thinking of getting something out of it: Demirhan, o heyette babasýnýn hayrýna mý çalýþýyor sanki? Mutlaka bir menfaat peþindedir! Do you think Demirhan´s serving on that committee for the sheer love of it? He´s most certainly hoping to reap some benefit for himself! Ona babasýnýn hayrýna iþ vermezler elbet. You can be sure they aren´t going to give him a job just to show they´re nice guys.
– hindi turkey-cock, gobbler.
– hindi gibi kabarmak to become swelled up with self-importance, swell up with pride and arrogance, puff oneself up.
–dan kalma inherited from one´s father: Babadan kalma bir evi var. He has a house which he inherited from his father.
–dan oðula from father to son.
–sýnýn oðlu. colloq. Like father, like son.
–na rahmet! colloq. You are very kind indeed!
–sýna rahmet okumak /ýn/ (for someone) to be so wonderful he/she makes you want to bless the father that begot him/her.
–sýna rahmet okutmak /ýn/
1. (for someone, something) to be so bad that he/she/it makes one yearn for (someone or something else who/which is in himself/herself/itself undesirable): Fecri bir felaketti, fakat Feyman, Fecri´nin babasýna rahmet okutuyor. Fecri was a disaster, but Feyman is so awful he makes us yearn to have Fecri back again. 2. (for someone) to be so wonderful he/she makes you want to bless the father that begot him/her.
– tarafýndan paternally.

– torik
1. bonito which has reached a large size.
2. slang penis, dick, cock, pecker.

–sý tutmak
1. to become enraged, have a conniption, have a conniption fit.
2. to shake or move about convulsively (as if one is having a fit).

–larý üstünde olmak to be ready to explode (with rage).
– yurdu see
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